Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Bunk Beds!

We made a big change to Wade and Holland's bedroom over the weekend…we finally installed their new bunk beds!

of course little sister had to get in on the fun!

If you recall, their room used to look like this.

Switching out their separate twin beds for bunks was motivated primarily by the need for more space.  Their room is tiny.  Our house is quite small.  And we've got an increasing number of legos taking up residence on all of the surfaces in it.  So, operation bunk bed was the first step in creating some space in the room for the legos to hopefully find a consolidated home!

The kids were so excited about their new bunks!  Holland especially was just giddy as we were putting them together, bless her little heart.

Y'all, do you see my children cuddling together?! It was completely unprompted!  My heart!!!

The bunk bed is by Ikea and is about as budget-friendly as they come.  And I have to tell you--aside from having a true custom bunk room, this is my favorite of any retail option I've seen.

I painted ours Duxbury Gray by Benjamin Moore (and yes, it took forever. Our back yard has been covered in the pieces of wood for weeks, while I used the incremental bits of time I have for this sort of thing to go out and put one coat on, wait till it dries, sand it, paint the other coat.  Flip and repeat.)  The walls are Horizon, also by Benjamin Moore, and I liked how the Duxbury worked with the Horizon in here.

For now, I stuck a Persian rug I already owned on the floor, but I think I'd like to get something a little more fun, and ideally a little larger.  Aside from their shams, there's not a whole lot of other pattern in the room right now.  Well, except for their little art wall I made.

Ahem…someone likes to remove the bows from their handy little holding place!
I'm inclined to go with a striped rug because 1) I just really like striped rugs in a kid space and 2) I feel like it would work well the trellis pattern on the shams + the check on the lampshade.

Here are my top picks to spice up their floor, all from my favorite place for rugs,

Striped Rugs for Kids Rooms

Thursday, December 4, 2014

'Tis the Season

Popping my head above the waters of chaos to share a couple Christmasy things that have me excited and that I thought you might like as well.

How cute are these antler pillows from Winder & Main?!

They are obviously a great way to bring some Christmas flair to your living room, but how great would they be in a boys' bedroom year round?  Or if you are lucky enough to have a separate den in your home?  So cozy, I just love 'em!

My dear friend, Shannon, sent me the sweetest little canvas as an early Christmas gift.

She has different sizes and options for sale, wouldn't they be great Christmas gifts?  Perfect for the new and seasoned mama alike :) Let me know if you need help getting in touch with her!

Stockings!  When it came time to get stockings for Wade and Holland, I really wanted something that would last, stockings to serve them throughout their childhood.  I was excited when I found some I loved a couple years ago at an embroidery shop in Richmond.

I love a needlepoint stocking, and I think these are just the perfect blend of classic and whimsy.  Exactly my favorite type of design for kids.  They are made by Kelly Rightsell.  For some reason, it looks like her site is not selling them this year, but leave it to Amazon to stock them! (I believe Atlantic Embroidery Works may have a few left this year from last year's stock if you happen to be local in Richmond and in need of a fun stocking!)  There are so many adorable designs.   This will be Mary Graham's first Christmas, so it was fun to pick one out for her this year.

I also came across these cute stockings at TJMaxx.  And only $12/pop!

We just started an Advent book that I am loving.  After seeing it on a friend's Facebook post, I ordered it right away, and we were able to start it just one day late.  (Amazon Prime really is amazing--I ordered it on Sunday and it came on Monday!  And I did not pay extra shipping! All of that to say, if you are like me, and you are always lagging behind, it's never too late to start celebrating Advent.)  We've done the devotionals from Unwrapping the Greatest Gift the past couple of nights, and it's been great.  The language is simple enough that I think (I hope!) my children are able to grasp bits of it, and yet it's also so thoughtfully written that it is just as meaningful to me and Philip.

I have not done a ton of Christmas decorating (I'm blaming it on this incredibly exhausting season of life in which I find myself), but we did get our tree up and decorated (well, the top half…we have a baby who is intent on investigating any and all items within her grasp, so the bottom half of our tree is naked).  I brought out a few other bits of Christmas cheer, like this little pillow from last year's dollar section at Target.

Also, Kevin, our elf…..he's back (and apparently, hungry!).

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bamboo Blinds

Hello there.  It has been more than two months since I have been here.  I have thought to myself many times since then how I would like to find a moment to post about this or that, and yet life has just felt so full and crazy.  Lest there be anybody out there thinking I'm tackling some fun house projects in my spare time these days, let me just set the record straight--it's much more along the lines of "struggling to stay afloat!" or "this ship is sinking" kind of thing!

These two (not sure why it's so blurry?) + this one…

I sure do love them, but my, I never knew how exhausting motherhood would be, in so many ways...  I realize I'm not alone in this--many, if not all, mamas of young families probably feel this way, but it's still important to me that when you come to my blog, you get a sense of my real life!

Many days, I feel just like this little love who wasn't too thrilled about waking up from her nap. (Except this look is not nearly so cute on me!)

Now, moving on to bamboo blinds... (made even more lovely by this precious girl!)

I've had several friends ask me about the bamboo blinds I've used in my home.  Truth is, I have them throughout my house, on just about every window come to think of it.

Find this style HERE

I used them on a couple windows in our home in Richmond (I happened to find these at marked way down on Clearance!).

Bamboo blinds are great for lots of reasons--they bring warmth to a room, they are a great source of texture, and they are easily found at very affordable price points.

My favorite source is  The shade in the nursery (above) is THIS style.  (Note:  The two shades I have linked at Overstock are available in three different lengths and in any width.)

I like bamboo blinds all by themselves.



source unknown

Or layered with drapes.




On their own, they filter the light, so if you want something for complete privacy, you may want to consider having yours black-out lined.

The shade in Wade and Holland's room (above) is from Lowes.  They have a number of different colors, and they will cut yours to fit your measurements in the store.  I still favor the tones in the ones from Overstock myself, but depending on the look you are after, Lowes is a great option too.  (Plus, you can't beat the instant gratification of walking in the store and getting what you need right away!) Also! Check out Little Green Notebook's recent post on some great shade options at Lowes currently on major sale!

Here's a close up of the Lowes shade.  I lined this one with blackout lining fabric I purchased at Jo Ann's.  It's fairly simple to do this; a quick search on Pinterest or Google will turn up a handful of tutorials.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

National Make Your Bed Day

Without intending to degrade the solemnity of today and its history, I thought I would share with my dear readers something that may be new to you about September 11th.  Today is National Make Your Bed Day, my friends.

In honor of this inspiring day, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite places to find unique and quality bedding.  

Catalina Duvet Cover & Shams

Their linens feel fresh, bright and cheery to me. (If you sign up for their emails, they do fairly frequent sales.)  

Fiona Duvet and Shams in Lilac

I think Biscuit bedding manages to strike the perfect balance between whimsical and sophisticated at the same time (and I love how easy it is to mix and match within their different lines…nothing feels too matchy!).

Their dohars are my favorite!  I need one!  Read about this unique bedding HERE.

Gorgeous hand-blocked textiles from southeast Asia.  All Mela and Roam stock is 15% off today in honor of Make Your Bed Day!  Use code 'cozy' at checkout!

You know I like this one…it's what I have on my bed.  Speaking of which,  I've got some master bedroom updates to share soon!
A great price point for simple, classic bedding.

Linden Coral Border Collection

They pride themselves on designer bedding offered at a fraction of retail price.  Julia Ryan recently got a new duvet and shams from them….see that HERE.  

Where are your favorite places to shop for bedding?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Days

Kindergarten and preschool have both officially started for my kids, so we are trying to find our rhythm with this new pace of life.  I know I'm not the first mom to say this, but there is quite a bit of shuffling to be done when there are no school buses involved and kindergarten is only a half day.  Yes, you heard me right.  Half day kindergarten.  Forgive me if I've already bemoaned this fact to you, but it's just never what I expected when I imagined what my life might be like as a mother to a school-aged child.  But I guess that's life right?  Often times it's different than what we expect.  I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best at gracefully handling the times when my expectations aren't met.  All that to say, my kids and I will be in a similar boat this year--all with lots to learn and plenty of room for growth!

Kindergarten is obviously a big milestone, and I'm just really proud of Wade.  He had plenty of challenges in his early years and there's been no shortage of change and transition in his little life.  And yet, he has embraced this new season.  Really, I could stand to learn a lot from him.

Sometimes the thought of him being in elementary school makes me feel teary and nostalgic and my throat begins to tighten.  Other times I really enjoy what life is like with a five year old, and I am thankful for the many ways mothering this boy for half a decade has shaped me.  We aren't without our hard days, but there are also more rewarding times with an older-ish child.

Wade is in a Montessori program which is offered through our neighborhood school.  He tends to be a man of few words when it comes to these sorts of things, but he seems to like it so I can't complain.  His class is a blend of kindergarten and first graders, which I actually think is a pretty cool thing.

Most days we walk and/or ride bikes to school.

This is a pretty sweet little tradition.  Our walk is about ten minutes (if we are efficient :)

After I drop off Wade, I take Holland to preschool.

Holland barely made the cut off for pre-K, so she's actually doing the curriculum Wade did last year even though they will be two years apart in school going forward.  She thrives in school and is generally just a delightful little lady.

She loves to do art, and try as I may to provide lots of creative opportunities at home, I think she and I are both happy that preschool will fulfill some of that interest too!

Holland and her snaggle tooth buddy, her special friend Lucian. 

After school drop offs, I rush home to get my tired baby down for a nap.  

{clearly post nap}

Then I hope and pray (like, literally) I get a couple hours of quiet time to regain my sanity and perhaps get a bit done around the house so that I am ready to be the patient, engaged mother I'd like to be.

We arrived to pick up Holland from her first day at school, and she was so immersed in her book, she had no idea I was sitting right in front of her with a camera :)

Speaking of being patient and engaged,  I really feel like time to myself helps me more than anything with this.  I'm curious as to how you fellow mamas build time into your week for yourself?  A regular sitter? Preschool for your kids?  Time to exercise?  I'd really love to take a painting class.  I've also been thinking of getting involved in some sort of volunteer work that combats sex trafficking in the Sacramento area (it's something like the second largest city in the US for human trafficking.  Horrifying.)  Time while I'm at home and my baby is napping is great, but in order to thrive, I just feel like I'd love a little something outside of all of that.  What are your thoughts?