Thursday, February 5, 2015

Give and Receive Art

Back before Christmas, when Philip and I were thinking through gifts for different family members, I became really excited about a few pieces of art that I thought would be just the thing for some of our loved ones.

We gave this cool nautical print of Charleston to my brother (this brother :)   
Don't they say something about how it's common to want to give to others what you want to receive?  I think I realized that was the case because I stopped whatever it was I was doing, looked at Philip and said with the utmost seriousness, "I want to give art!  And I want to receive art!"  It was probably the kind of thing you where you had to be there, but just trust me, it was quite funny.  Even I could admit that it sounded rather strange, but what can I say?  I tell it like it is.  I wanna receive art! :)

We got this print for my brother, Andrew, who graduated from Virginia Tech.  Ellie Sibiga did prints of several Virginia colleges right before Christmas. 

In honor of my desire to receive art*, I am going to share with you one of my new favorite artists!

I was introduced to Hayley through Instagram (oh how I love thee).  I stalked looked through her pictures, and I was blown away by her work. I clicked over to her Etsy site and found even more goodies.  In fact, thanks to a little anticipated tax refund moolah, I am hoping for my very own piece from Hayley!

I love the faces and people she does.

"Swimmers" (I spent so much of my childhood swimming, so this one really speaks to me.  In fact, part of me thinks I really should buy this one, and now I'm posting it here so I'm kind of afraid one of you will buy it instead!!)

Find this striking face here

I love the color combinations she uses in her floral paintings.

And I'm crazy for her abstracts!
"Dream Sequence"

Her prices are really affordable too. Really can't be beat for original work.

found via her Instagram (@hayley_km)

*I actually was the recipient of some treasured pieces of art for Christmas!  I hope to share them here soon, just need to find the chance to take some photos!

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Brother's Bedroom

Happy times together at our parents' house over Christmas

My brother, Taylor, recently bought a new house in the amazing city he is so lucky to call home, Charleston, South Carolina.  Fortunately for me, he has allowed me to continue in my endearing role of the meddlesome older sister who likes to give her two cents on his endeavors. When he casually asked if I could give him some ideas for a duvet for his bed, I of course said "sure!" I then promptly whipped up a board complete with countless things my bachelor (you hear that, single ladies?) brother may not feel are super high on his priority list, but hey, I couldn't resist the opportunity :)

Here is a picture of his room.

The wall color and rug were already in place, so I tried to work with them in making my suggestions.  I'm not sure what color is on his wall, but I chose Manchester Tan for this board, as it appeared to be a close representation.

He has two-inch white wood blinds on his windows, but was hoping to add something to try and block the remaining light that was still coming through the blinds.  Going with a true black-out drape would have been the obvious (and more expensive) route.  Instead, I suggested these dark velvet Ikea drapes thinking that what they lacked in actual black-out lining, they may make up for in their dark color and heavy weight.  The jury is still out, so we will have to see if they work for his purposes.  At $40/pair, they are at least worth a try!

I suggested a classic ticking stripe for his duvet.  It's hard to go wrong with this simple masculine look, and I thought it paired nicely with all the pattern in his rug.  (To clarify, the rug in the mock-up below is one I found for the purposes of this board.  It's the best I could find that comes the closest to matching his rug) I also thought it would keep the room from feeling too dark by adding a white coverlet to the bed as well.

The light flax colored headboard brings in some more texture to the room, and the lamps add a fun midcentury vibe.  I love the open design of the bedside tables.  They feel kind of unexpected and fresh to me.

The fabric on the toss pillows almost mimics the design on the side tables, and they help make the red in the rug feel intentional.

I tied it all together with a more modern piece of art above the bed.  It pulls all the colors in the room together and the loose, organic feel is a nice counterpoint to the traditional rug and the straight lines on the tables and pillows.

Here is everything together.  Totally bachelor-friendly, yet still stylish right? :)

Taylor's Bedroom

Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Bunk Beds!

We made a big change to Wade and Holland's bedroom over the weekend…we finally installed their new bunk beds!

of course little sister had to get in on the fun!

If you recall, their room used to look like this.

Switching out their separate twin beds for bunks was motivated primarily by the need for more space.  Their room is tiny.  Our house is quite small.  And we've got an increasing number of legos taking up residence on all of the surfaces in it.  So, operation bunk bed was the first step in creating some space in the room for the legos to hopefully find a consolidated home!

The kids were so excited about their new bunks!  Holland especially was just giddy as we were putting them together, bless her little heart.

Y'all, do you see my children cuddling together?! It was completely unprompted!  My heart!!!

The bunk bed is by Ikea and is about as budget-friendly as they come.  And I have to tell you--aside from having a true custom bunk room, this is my favorite of any retail option I've seen.

I painted ours Duxbury Gray by Benjamin Moore (and yes, it took forever. Our back yard has been covered in the pieces of wood for weeks, while I used the incremental bits of time I have for this sort of thing to go out and put one coat on, wait till it dries, sand it, paint the other coat.  Flip and repeat.)  The walls are Horizon, also by Benjamin Moore, and I liked how the Duxbury worked with the Horizon in here.

For now, I stuck a Persian rug I already owned on the floor, but I think I'd like to get something a little more fun, and ideally a little larger.  Aside from their shams, there's not a whole lot of other pattern in the room right now.  Well, except for their little art wall I made.

Ahem…someone likes to remove the bows from their handy little holding place!
I'm inclined to go with a striped rug because 1) I just really like striped rugs in a kid space and 2) I feel like it would work well the trellis pattern on the shams + the check on the lampshade.

Here are my top picks to spice up their floor, all from my favorite place for rugs,

Striped Rugs for Kids Rooms

Thursday, December 4, 2014

'Tis the Season

Popping my head above the waters of chaos to share a couple Christmasy things that have me excited and that I thought you might like as well.

How cute are these antler pillows from Winder & Main?!

They are obviously a great way to bring some Christmas flair to your living room, but how great would they be in a boys' bedroom year round?  Or if you are lucky enough to have a separate den in your home?  So cozy, I just love 'em!

My dear friend, Shannon, sent me the sweetest little canvas as an early Christmas gift.

She has different sizes and options for sale, wouldn't they be great Christmas gifts?  Perfect for the new and seasoned mama alike :) Let me know if you need help getting in touch with her!

Stockings!  When it came time to get stockings for Wade and Holland, I really wanted something that would last, stockings to serve them throughout their childhood.  I was excited when I found some I loved a couple years ago at an embroidery shop in Richmond.

I love a needlepoint stocking, and I think these are just the perfect blend of classic and whimsy.  Exactly my favorite type of design for kids.  They are made by Kelly Rightsell.  For some reason, it looks like her site is not selling them this year, but leave it to Amazon to stock them! (I believe Atlantic Embroidery Works may have a few left this year from last year's stock if you happen to be local in Richmond and in need of a fun stocking!)  There are so many adorable designs.   This will be Mary Graham's first Christmas, so it was fun to pick one out for her this year.

I also came across these cute stockings at TJMaxx.  And only $12/pop!

We just started an Advent book that I am loving.  After seeing it on a friend's Facebook post, I ordered it right away, and we were able to start it just one day late.  (Amazon Prime really is amazing--I ordered it on Sunday and it came on Monday!  And I did not pay extra shipping! All of that to say, if you are like me, and you are always lagging behind, it's never too late to start celebrating Advent.)  We've done the devotionals from Unwrapping the Greatest Gift the past couple of nights, and it's been great.  The language is simple enough that I think (I hope!) my children are able to grasp bits of it, and yet it's also so thoughtfully written that it is just as meaningful to me and Philip.

I have not done a ton of Christmas decorating (I'm blaming it on this incredibly exhausting season of life in which I find myself), but we did get our tree up and decorated (well, the top half…we have a baby who is intent on investigating any and all items within her grasp, so the bottom half of our tree is naked).  I brought out a few other bits of Christmas cheer, like this little pillow from last year's dollar section at Target.

Also, Kevin, our elf…..he's back (and apparently, hungry!).